Water Treatment Problems/Solutions

This site is all about education and information for the community and  the Oil, Gas and Mining sector in relation to water treatment problems and solutions.  There are always a myriad of ways to tackle a problem. We intend sharing articles, reports and studies that support finding solutions to water desalination and water treatment solutions generally.

World’s Water Challenges

The challenges of water desalination for the Oil, Gas and Mining sector have been enormous. The  challenges the world faces with the chronic water shortage whilst the population continues to grow with 2.4 billion people living in water stressed countries, makes the task for the Resources sector very difficult.


With an estimated 600,000 abandoned mines in the USA alone, with acid mine drainage continuously leaching out of these mines, polluting the streams, rivers and other waterways, there had to be a way to tackling this environmental disaster.  Solving the problem of acid mine drainage requires a combined approach in tackling power issues, the acid mine water treatment itself and a system with low costs requiring the lowest maintenance possible.



Water treatment solutions, CLLEEN WAter and Power TreatmentCLLEEN™ Water and Power have developed a solution for all three problems which will enable many, if not all of the currently abandoned mine drainage sites all over the world to address these problems.


A breakthrough in Multi-Stage (MSF) Flash technology, CLLEEN Water and Power™ uses an evaporation technique for desalination and frac water treatment. A proprietary self powered battery power system enables the system to be used in remote localities without the need for fuel, gas or grid electricity for power. This makes it a very attractive proposition for the Resources sector.


CLLEEN’s™ technology has many other applications including for humanitarian aid/disaster relief, and for community, townsite water desalination requirements. This makes it a very versatile tool in the battle to be environmentally friendly whilst dealing with wide ranging water treatment problems.


There are many ways to assist in addressing the global need for water and water treatment. Please share your articles and information here so the world community can benefit. Our planet will thank you.







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