leaky pipes,

With water professionals all over the world seeking ways to help solve the ever looming freshwater crisis, maybe the focus should be not on the technology and brains behind how to create 'more' water but elsewhere. This video by Sahana Singh tells the story of mismanagement of the water cycle in a blue planet sustained by water. Problems of over-us [Read More]

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drinking tap water,

A couple of years ago a nanotube technology paper for nanotech desalination was issued by Tamsyn A. Hilder , Daniel Gordon, Shin-Ho Chung and this was the summary: “Current desalination methods force seawater through a filter using energies four times larger than necessary. Throughout the desalination process salt must be removed from one side o [Read More]

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low water susquehanna river suspends water for 10 frac companies in PA,

Susquehanna River Basin Commission has suspended water withdrawals for 10 hydraulic fracturing companies in 5 PA counties The suspension is due to the steady decline of the hydrologic conditions as a result of a winter and spring with little snow and below normal rainfall. The majority of the suspensions are related to natural gas development. C [Read More]

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brooklyn rooftop farm, Credit: Eric Michael Johnson for The New York Times

More and more places are being sought after for hydroponic greenhouses. This time an old Navy warehouse in Sunset Park that had been vacant for 12 years will be home to a massive hydroponic greenhouse of approx 100,000 square feet. It will be the largest of its type in the USA. Bright Farms, a private company that develops greenhouses, ann [Read More]

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Polluted chaohu lake in hefei China Photo credit stringer shanghai reuters

If ever there was a place just crying out for water treatment, this has place has to be it. This most amazing photo shows you the water you can enjoy as a resident surrounding the Chaohu Lake in Hefei, in the Anhui province of China. This lovely green sludge, algae-filled lake is their reality and has won them the dubious tag of one of the wo [Read More]

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San_Francisco_Peaks, Credit: USDA Forest Service, Coconino National Forest.

Wireless technology has enabled so many different industries to flourish and believe it or not a US Ski Resort will shortly have it to thank for its snow. Sounds incredible but really, a ski resort in Northern Arizona can now reliably and cost-effectively blanket its slopes in fresh snow using treated wastewater from a nearby city - yes recycled po [Read More]

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Nanyang-Technology-University,Laser Invention,

I came across a story from Singapore where a scientist  Professor Liu Ai Qun from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) has invented a device that can detect contaminants in treated water in just one hour, instead of the current two days. Now this sounds absolutely amazing and quite a breakthrough. Professor Liu  reportedly uses laser-technol [Read More]

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What is fracking,

What is Fracking?

February 20,2012 Solutions

Fracking Explained View this excellent short video clip for a full explanation of the technical process. Fracking is the process of "initiating and subsequently propagating a fracture in a rock layer, by means of a pressurized fluid, in order to release petroleum, natural gas, coal seam gas, or other substances for extraction." This Canadian [Read More]

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lack of clean water, poll on potable water developing countries,

Have you ever wondered why our developing countries have been unable to supply sufficient potable water for their citizens. Take this poll now and see what others think.  With the results, maybe we can all help make a change for the better.   It is disturbing that with the world's expertise ...and money, we cannot collectively help [Read More]

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endocrine-disruptors, drinking wastewater, CLLEEN Water and POwer

What started off as an interesting poll on LinkedIn on whether or not you'd drink treated sewage, has revealed a host of disturbing facts.  Here is a real eye opener for those not 'in the know' regarding the 'leftovers' in the water after apparent water treatment. The info below is being reproduced with kind permission of its author: Kathleen Came [Read More]

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