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Cloudbreak's Managed Aquifer Recharge Winner

Cloudbreak’s Managed Aquifer Recharge Winner

Just had an enlightening discussion with the Water Management team for Fortescue Metals Group who operate widely in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. FMG has a critical role with the Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR)  scheme they have put in pla.. Read More

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Water Use and Sustainable Development in Coal Mining

Water Use and Sustainable Development in Coal Mining

A CASE STUDY FROM CENTRAL QUEENSLAND¹ Robin Evans (Senior Researcher, Sustainable Minerals Institute, UQ) Peter Roe (Manager – Environment, BMA Coal) Jim Joy (Director, Mineral Industry Safety and Health Centre, UQ) ABSTRACT   The u.. Read More

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Linking Water, Energy & Environmental Sustainability

In Australia water is a very precious commodity - as it is or should be everywhere. Freshwater supplies are diminishing each year. The mining sector in the northern part of Australia, drives its economy and yet even though the Northern Australia rece.. Read More

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Mining and Water – inextricably linked

The sheer quantity and requirements for water for mining operations is staggering. Water desalination plants are essential tools in the challenges faced by most of the mining sector worldwide. The demand for water to support mining operations .. Read More

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