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Is fresh water availability at crisis point globally?

What do you consider to be the biggest water challenges facing the world today? These are my top 3 water challenges I see for us – do you agree? Firstly - how to reduce costs to do with treating waste water.  Industry is a massive creator of w.. Read More

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EPA Water Reuse Guidelines 2012 Now Available

EPA Water Reuse Guidelines 2012 Now Available

Get your copy of the US EPA Water Reuse Guidelines 2012 The US Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) has just released its 2012  Water Reuse Guidelines. If you're up for a bit of light reading (642 pages!) you might care to download the PDF at.. Read More

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Miss it? Largest natural disaster in US history

Miss it? Largest natural disaster in US history

While you were out you might have missed this moment in history. A couple of days ago the United States declared a natural disaster in more than 1,000 drought-stricken counties in 26 states. Did you know you have 'officially' had your cou.. Read More

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Water Pollution, Overuse, Mismanagement

Water Pollution, Overuse, Mismanagement

With water professionals all over the world seeking ways to help solve the ever looming freshwater crisis, maybe the focus should be not on the technology and brains behind how to create 'more' water but elsewhere. This video by Sahana Singh tells th.. Read More

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Nanotech desalination

Nanotech desalination

A couple of years ago a nanotube technology paper for nanotech desalination was issued by Tamsyn A. Hilder , Daniel Gordon, Shin-Ho Chung and this was the summary: “Current desalination methods force seawater through a filter using energies four t.. Read More

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Water Saving Hydroponic Rooftop Farm for Brooklyn

More and more places are being sought after for hydroponic greenhouses. This time an old Navy warehouse in Sunset Park that had been vacant for 12 years will be home to a massive hydroponic greenhouse of approx 100,000 square feet. It will be the.. Read More

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Do You Know What's in Your Drinking Water?

Do You Know What’s in Your Drinking Water?

What started off as an interesting poll on LinkedIn on whether or not you'd drink treated sewage, has revealed a host of disturbing facts.  Here is a real eye opener for those not 'in the know' regarding the 'leftovers' in the water after apparent w.. Read More

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Take Poll - Would you drink treated sewage...

Take Poll – Would you drink treated sewage…

With the fresh water sources in the world diminishing, our population thriving and the demand for freshwater from the community as well as industry ever growing, not to mention climate change and the heating up of the planet (if you believe this of c.. Read More

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Does this water tragedy alarm you?

Does this water tragedy alarm you?

Are you aware that approximately 884 million people lack access to improved water sources? And that more than 2.6 billion people do not have access to improved sanitation? This alarming information is courtesy of United Nations, General Assembly - .. Read More

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Freshwater Use by U.S. Power Plants

Electricity’s Thirst for a Precious Resource A Report of the Energy and Water in a Warming World Initiative Power plants are thirsty. Take the average amount of water flowing over Niagara Falls in a minute. Now triple it. Tha.. Read More

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