Is fresh water availability at crisis point globally?

What do you consider to be the biggest water challenges facing the world today?

These are my top 3 water challenges I see for us – do you agree?

Firstly – how to reduce costs to do with treating waste water.  Global water challenges, Hoi An Photo Credit Stock xchng by Timobalk 1316765Industry is a massive creator of wastewater and although it’s treated, effectively it’s just another form of waste created in the majority of cases – sludge. The good news is that globally we are treating more wastewater, but the bad news is the volume of sludge being created is also increasing. The more sludge that’s produced the more authorities have to come up with ‘safe’ ways to dispose of it. For everyone’s sake – there has to be a financially effective way of safely disposing of the waste. Until that happens, treating waste water will continue to be one of the biggest water  challenges in the world.


Second on my list of global water challenges is use by industry of millions and billions of water, without the requirement to recycle or treat the waste water. This is criminal, particularly in areas where there is an acute freshwater shortage. Why haven’t governing authorities got the guts to stipulate, sure you can use the water, but you must totally recycle the waste water and bring it back to ‘fresh water’ status.  Fracking particularly comes to mind here…


The last on my list is finding a way to provide cheap, sustainable supplies of potable water to third world countries – that will actually reach them – where millions are dying of thirst, starvation and dehydration every year. Why can’t the governments work together to end this human tragedy that unfolds before our/their eyes every day. Corruption at the highest levels seems to dictate how many will live or die by how many can access the essence of life – water. Solutions are available, including desalinating seawater, brackish water, recycling sewage – why is so little being done to alleviate this suffering and misery? Shame on the world.

What are your thoughts on the global water challenges facing us today? Do you agree with these 3 challenges as being at the top of the tree?

And what can we, collectively, do about these challenges or any others you care to share with us here.

This article has been supplied by I N Phillips, a water treatment specialist with extensive experience in America and Africa.

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