Water Pollution, Overuse, Mismanagement

With water professionals all over the world seeking ways to help solve the ever looming freshwater crisis, maybe the focus should be not on the technology and brains behind how to create ‘more’ water but elsewhere. This video by Sahana Singh tells the story of mismanagement of the water cycle in a blue planet sustained by water. Problems of over-use, water pollution and leakage of water are highlighted. A paradigm shift in thinking is advocated.leaky pipes, articles.waterdesalinationplants.comViewers are reminded that there are plenty of technologies available to clean dirty water and finance is hardly a constraint. The only missing ingredient is political will and viewers are urged to push their political leaders to take action. Ultimately, the video makes a call to manage the water cycle as a whole.
Does this strike a chord with you?
Sadly most politicians tend to think only as far as the next election…

This video won first prize in TU Delft Urban Water Movie Contest (Netherlands).

We cannot take our water for granted. Water pollution and waste must end.



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