Interesting Effluent Water Use in Ski Fields

Wireless technology has enabled so many different industries to flourish and believe it or not a US Ski Resort will shortly have it to thank for its snow. Sounds incredible but really, a ski resort in Northern Arizona can now reliably and cost-effectively blanket its slopes in fresh snow using treated wastewater from a nearby city – yes recycled poop water.

The majestic San Francisco Peaks in Northern Arizona have battled for many years to be a sought after ski resort thanks to the fickleness of Mother Nature. And with the controversy surrounding Climate Change, Global Warming and so on – you’re bound to have a few more people blaming the lack of – or- deluge of constant snow depending on what day it is and which climatologist had been in the news that week. Sorry, I digress. Now, San Francisco Peaks can thumb their noses at all the doomsdayers – they have their own solution and that is to make their own snow thanks to wireless technology and wastewater.

San_Francisco_Peaks, Credit: USDA Forest Service, Coconino National Forest.

San Francisco Peaks Credit: USDA Forest Service, Coconino National Forest

Man-made snow has been used for years at many ski resorts thus providing a ‘predictable’ ski season that helps generate millions of dollars for the local economy. Now, thanks to wireless technology, roughly 1.5 million gallons of reclaimed effluent water from a nearby city will be used daily to blanket the San Francisco Peaks  in  ‘fresh’ snow.  With a consistent ski season, analysts anticipate tourists will spend an additional $23 million a year at local hotels, shops and restaurants.

Just so you know – that’s about 180 million gallons of recycled poop water per season to be supplied to the mountaintop resort in Arizona.

Wireless communications provided the most cost-conscious solution available, spanning the distances involved in this project with limited new infrastructure needed. Fibre-optic installation would have been cost prohibitive. Also, the wireless control system provides the flexibility to program and install the network in a matter of days and at a fraction of the cost of a fiber optic network.

Puts a whole new meaning into the phrase ‘man-made snow’ doesn’t it?

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