Do You Know What’s in Your Drinking Water?

What started off as an interesting poll on LinkedIn on whether or not you’d drink treated sewage, has revealed a host of disturbing facts.  Here is a real eye opener for those not ‘in the know’ regarding the ‘leftovers’ in the water after apparent water treatment. The info below is being reproduced with kind permission of its author: Kathleen Cameron the President & Senior Environmental Director at Dagaz Environmental Inc in Canada. This is simply a ‘must read’.


We actually do have epidemic issues regarding endocrine disruptors, hormone disruptors, etc. downstream. endocrine-disruptors, drinking wastewater, CLLEEN Water and POwerHowever much of it is being ignored or passed off. We have serious issues of endocrine issues popping up as a general overall average with people and aquatic life presently. Its clearly shown now that substances such as BPA, Phalates, heart medications, and a host of other chemicals do cause serious health concerns in the general public. However one reason why there isn’t more being done is because its difficult to prove cause and effect when something is so prevalent in the water and other sources – and who do you blame? Who do you sue?


We’ve seen a

  • steady decline in fertility rates
  • steady incline in early onset of puberty
  • steady incline in feminization of boys
  • steady incline in MS like symptoms in the population
  • and a host of other endocrine issues.


clock-with-one-minute-left-to-12, water treatment, CLLEEN water and power

Is time running out?


It has been shown that the steady incline of endocrine disruptors and hormone mimickers in our water supply correlates with the steady incline of endocrine and other diseases in our population. But, just because something correlates doesn’t mean it can be proven in a court of law beyond a shadow of a doubt and in order to effect laws and changes, our politicians seems to need that.  A good example is the continued inclusion of fluoride in our water supply which clearly causes endocrine issues (it is an endocrine disruptor and mimicker given that it mimics iodine which the body requires, accumulates in certain fatty tissues, and effects long term negative endocrine effects especially with the thyroid). Although there is a myriad of new, and old, scientific evidence, it continues to be main stream. Why? Because the politicians aren’t getting the message, because the general populace isn’t getting the message to force the action, and the politicians work on popularity and who squeals the loudest.


Its very difficult to prove exactly where we’re getting poisoned from – the water, air, food,…, and so it continues unabated.


My city, as many, use the whole dilution approach. However, any scientist that has worked with living systems knows that that only goes so far. Eventually, the dilution becomes less and less as the pollution loading becomes more and more and what used to be a standard background level is no longer and a new background level is accepted. I’ve had waste water engineers try to pass off the whole “its safe because the background level in the environment is the same”. Its like they think we’re all idiots or something. If we were talking about lead, cadmium, arsenic, asbestos or mercury, items that the public clearly knows are carcinogenic, there wouldn’t be as much as issue. However we’re talking about chemicals and hormones and such that mimic the same within our bodies and our environment so the message doesn’t become as clear until we end up with a situation as what we’ve begun to see in our children with the effects of BPA. With many of these chemicals, their hormonal effect begins at such tiny amounts that the whole concept of undetectable levels becomes a moot point. With some of these items, no level is too high.


I’d personally like to see us taking a proactive approach and getting rid of as many of these chemicals as possible from all of ingestion sources; yes it is a daunting task however the long term health of ourselves and our planet I think is an important reason to do it – regardless of the inconvenience.


With the ‘toilet to tap’ routine becoming the norm, if like me you weren’t fully aware of the ramifications of drinking treated wastewater that could befall us – please forward this link to all your friends and family members. We all need to know about this and we all need to do something – to help us all in the end.


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