Water Solutions from CLLEEN – see the latest

A few months in the making but finally a comprehensive Water treatment and solutions information brochure  has been produced by CLLEEN Water and Power. This innovative CleanTech company have made it very easy to see why one of the CLLEEN solutions could be of assistance with everything from Landfill Leachate problems, silica removal, desalination, food processing activities to sewage treatment, 100% recycle, zero discharge solutions and more.



qi clleen diagram, CLLEEN Water and Power Water Treatment and Solutions information brochureThis is an example of one of the diagrams in the water treatment and solutions brochure.


What do you think of the latest CLLEEN Water and Power information brochure? Does it meet your needs? Your client’s needs? Or has it missed the mark? There just don’t seem to be that many water treatment brochures around so anything that can help explain what can be successfully treated is a winner in my book.


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2 responses to “Water Solutions from CLLEEN – see the latest”

  1. Gayan Kodituwakku says:

    Need to be an agent in Sri Lanka.

  2. Dr Allama says:

    We are Multi Associates and deal in water treatment equipments supplies. We are located in Lahore , Pakistan and have business in Pakistan, Dubai and China. our client need BWRO with 30000 GPD capacity. Water report: pH=7.22, TDS:2700, Chloride:1100, SO4:250, Hardness as CaCO3: 250. We need product water with TDS less than 500(all units above ppm). Pls send us quotation on urgent basis with breakup of parts and brand or make etc. with specifications. Pls mention optional accessories separately if possible with prices.

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