How much water do you use each day?

Have you ever thought about how much water YOU use in a day. If you read our last article on the water tragedy around the world and the gabfests that go on about it but don’t change much, then you’d also have an idea of just how much, or rather how little the minimum Human Right  allocation of water is.

Did you know that the Human Right Allocation of Water is a mere 50 liters (13 gallons) a day for basic human needs such as

13 gallon square bucket, Human Rights water allocation for sanitation, drinking, washing

13 gallon square bucket, Human Rights minimum water allocation for sanitation, drinking, washing

bathing, sanitation and drinking. I must admit I did not know that. I have read the WHO guidelines would prefer to see a minimum of 100 liters a day. Whatever it is, it’s not that much given the lifestyle most in the Western world live.

I have thought about the amount of water I use in a day, but I haven’t thought about it as much as this water champion and avid blogger I’m about to tell you about.

Have you tried living within the 50 liters or 13 gallons a day allocation? Well a young lady by the name of Abby took up just that challenge.

This is what Abby pledged to do: I will count every toilet flush, every hand wash, and probably miss most showers. I will live on this human right allocation at home, at work, and everywhere.” See how she went.

You can see her blog and results from a 1 WEEK challenge using just 50 liters a day.

The awareness an experience like this can bring would surely make a difference in how we all see and use water.

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