Nanotechnology for Use to Clean Polluted Water

With Nanotechnology being discussed in relation to water purification, changing the face of the natural gas industry, and now combating industrially polluted water, this may well be the next ‘big’ thing to watch.

carbon nanotubes (Credit: Copyright Uni of Vienna),

carbon nanotubes (Credit: Copyright Uni of Vienna)

Here is a Science Daily excerpt (July 21, 2011 article) — Nanotechnology has developed tremendously in the past decade and was able to create many new materials with a vast range of potential applications. Carbon nanotubes are an example of these new materials and consist of cylindrical molecules of carbon with diameters of a few nanometers — one nanometer is one millionth of a millimeter. Carbon nanotubes possess exceptional electronic, mechanical and chemical properties, for example they can be used to clean polluted water.

Scientists of the University of Vienna had recently published to this new research field in the journal Environmental Science & Technology.


To view more on this exciting breakthrough – view this link



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