MP drinks Fukushima Radioactive Water. You?

Some politicians would do anything for a stunt!

Would you drink water from the Fukushima nuclear plant? Yes, the failed highly contaminated plant. In an effort to prove that the water is now beautifully clean and no longer contaminated, a 44-year-old Japanese MP, Yasuhiro Sonoda, has drunk a glass of water collected from two reactor buildings at the Daiichi nuclear power plant. And yes, this is the place that went into meltdown during the earthquake and tsunami of  March 11, 2011. Interestingly, the decontaminated water Sonoda decided to drink is not normally ‘drinking water’ but used for watering plants, a controversial procedure which has been the subject of safety concerns in the media

Japan MP Sonoda Fukushima water,

Would you drink decontaminated water from Fukushima?

Sonoda was encouraged to make the demonstration by the media throng, who wanted him to prove government claims about decontamination. From all accounts his hands were trembling – can’t think why! Reportedly the water has had the nasties like iodine and caesium elements removed. Very wisely Sonoda said that ‘ just drinking the water wasn’t enough – data was the best way to show the public it was safe.

I’ve heard in another report that both the former Prime Minister, Naoto Kan, and his spokesman Yukio Edano have already eaten fruit from Fukushima. Now that’s interesting – how do you decontaminate fruit. I have no idea – anyone know how this was achieved?

I know Politicians need to make themselves popular and make sure the media portray them in a positive light – well Sonoda might light up in other ways soon…

Nearly eight months after the disaster, a 12-mile exclusion zone is still in place around the plant due to contamination while thousands of residents remain relocated to temporary homes outside the region.

Would you drink the Fukushima treated water now?


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