Santos helps community with water tests made public

With so much controversy raging over the Coal Seam Gas projects in Queensland, Australia, in the interests of transparency, Santos is aiming to broadcast their water testing results online for all to see. Santos is hoping for Queensland communities to come on side by showing them there is nothing to fear with the results of their water tests.

South West Queensland pipeline, Australia, Dating Symbol blogThe company yesterday launched the site which shows a number of indicators including water table levels and salinity readings.

Santos GLNG president Mark MacFarlane says the water portal will offer results from more than 100 sites throughout the Surat and Bowen Basins. “One of the things we are very keen on making sure that we are absolutely open and accountable in the community in relation to the impact of our coal seam gas activity on the water quality and ground water levels,” he said.

“These results will show that our work does not adversely impact the aquifers and from where farmers draw their water.”

To see just what results Santos broadcasts, you can view them at  or


What do you think of this educational but nonetheless great PR opportunity by Santos?

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