Linking Water, Energy & Environmental Sustainability

In Australia water is a very precious commodity – as it is or should be everywhere. Freshwater supplies are diminishing each year. The mining sector in the northern part of Australia, drives its economy and yet even though the Northern Australia receives ‘wet season’ monsoonal rains, there is still a great need for water for the many applications in that sector alone. As a result of recurring drought conditions and increased community focus – thanks in part to skyrocketing water prices in the last 2 years, water management is now high on the agenda for mining operations in Australia.


Hand in hand with the ever increasing water demand is the need by mining companies to look at the issues beyond the minesite and to take into consideration its  immediate environmental issues and broader concerns around competing demands and social obligations. The awakening of the public to the principles of sustainable development – perhaps by virtue of being hit in the hip pocket for utilities such as power and water, encourages the valuation and appropriate pricing (READ – increased pricing!)  of environmental assets such as fresh water. As a result there is a definite thrust for reform and support of new initiatives to help us reach the point of sustainability for our resources.  Coupled with that there are of course  both opportunities and threats involved for mining companies as big users of both power and water. The challenges are set around the world to find more environmentally friendly, minimal carbon footprint, sustainable processes involving these resources.


Away from the Resource sector for a moment – generally water treatment and transportation is a massive consumer of energy and produces a significant amount of that nasty CO2 (it’s nasty if you’re a supporter of human induced global warming).  Over the last few years there have been advancements in the water treatment technologies  linking water, energy and environmental sustainability. The stage is ever changing on what system can give the best outcome for all three areas mentioned. The CLLEEN™  Water and Power System the recently released technology addressing all three of these water, energy and environmental issues – certainly is the leader in its versatility and applicability in treating all manner of water, seawater and wastewater.  The system is totally self powered so it is attractive in many ways as it doesn’t rely on any grid electricity, liquid fuel or gas.  Another environmental first for the water treatment arena.


Please share your water, energy and environmental sustainability stories with us here so the rest of the world can benefit too. It can be anything from your idea for what you’d like to see happen, to your invention, to what is currently being used and why it is working, which system or product you like best and the reasons…


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